Activity : Survival Tools Competition 2012
Date : April - November 2012
Venue : The University of Hong Kong
Introduction : Survival Tools Competition and Exhibition  
  1. to raise public awareness and understanding of real living conditions of those people who live in disaster and poverty areas;
  2. to let the general public to experience the use of survival tools and the life in disaster & poverty areas;
  3. to provide Experiential Learning opportunities for young people and university students, through research, design, tool making and exhibition process.
  4. to encourage youngsters to create ideas during the preparation work;
  5. to publicize EWB and recruit members / volunteers;
Assesmbly Venue and Time : -
No. of Participants : -
Fee : -
Application Method :
EWB-HK  Survival Tools Comptetition Proposal v5 15-4-2012
EWB-HK Introduction to Survival Tools competition 20120418
EWB-HK Survival Tools Contest  2012 - Progress photo

EWB-HK  Survival Tools Competition - Judging Session
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