Program Title : Post-disaster Reconstruction Training in GanSu Province
Date : 2009
Location : China, GanSu Province Wen County FanBa Village
Partner organization : Engineers Without Borders (Hong Kong)
Kadoorie Charitable Foundations
Work Requirement : Provide training to the local residents for self-built housing construction technology; Design for low cost housing with sufficient resistance to earthquake; Support the identification of local and appropriate building materials.
Application deadline : -
Brief Information : After 512 Earthquake, less casualty and late report occurred in some remote areas , such that the disaster report for Wen County was under-estimated. Majority of resources were delivered to the disaster area in SiChuan Province. Public concern to Wen County was relatively insufficient. In addition to the worst situation of FanBa Village main road, on-site visit by government officials was also inadequate. Least disaster relief resources were inevitably delivered to FanBa Village. Hence, the local residents are longing for additional external assistance and technical support, as well as training to local residents to self-build low cost housing. Prof. 周鐵鋼 from XiAn University of Architectural and Technology has been invited as the re-construction consultant for this project.
Current Status : Project completed in 2009