Program Title : EWB-HK Humanitarian Engineering Challenge 2013
Date : April - November 2013
Location : Hong Kong
Partner organization : -
Work Requirement : EWB-HK HEC 2013 - Humanitarian Issues of Cities
Application deadline :
Brief Information : Introduction 

This activity is co-organized by the EWB-HK, EWB-HK HKUST Student Chapter and EWB-HK HKU Student Chapter. It is open to all undergraduate and postgraduate students from both schools. The purpose of EWB-HK (Engineers Without Borders – Hong Kong) is to accelerate betterment in life of disadvantaged communities through empowerment of engineering means and sustainable development; and we actively develop capacity of practising and young engineers in the generations to come to take up this mission. This Challenge is organised to inspire university students to develop humanitarian engineering solutions for potential future deployment. 

2013 Theme : Urban betterment 

When we think of disadvantaged communities, the first picture in mind is a undernourished child in rural area of a third world country. However, extreme poverty and poor living conditions are widespread in cities and mega-cities. In order to collect engineering solutions to address the sufferings of the urban population, the theme for this year's competition is “Urban Betterment”. Urbanisation as a means to end poverty is only possible when we face the problems that city life create head on, and to develop practical solutions. We look forward to seeing designs that is affordable to even the low-income group with minimal means to realise the promises of cities to improve human life. Big cities as a whole also suffer from overcrowded living condition, pollution, and high cost of living. Some cities are more vulnerable to typhoon, flooding, and other natural disasters, while others have problems of their own such as poor hygiene condition, high crime rate, fire prune houses etc.


With an aim to enhance the quality of projects, two mentors work together with the students by providing critical review of initial ideas, on-going support and problem solving as needed.


He is one of the founding councilor of EWB-HK and a QA specialist with over 20 years experience, shares his insights in IT projects.

Ir Paul Li (CEng, MICE, CPEng, Chartered Environmentalist (SocENV) and Certifield Risk Planner (MICRM-HK)

Ir Li is the Director of CAMPENG Consulting Ltd. He provides hands-on support based on his 10 years experience running his own consulting firm and youth training. He has also been actively involved in youth training such as being as an Authorized Trainer under the Youth Work Experience and Training Scheme by Labours Department (HKSAR Government), and also collaboration with several universities to provide internship and training to students.


In addition to meeting mentors, the students conducted two presentations to explain their projects to their peers, and to receive feedback and suggestions. It is a step towards a more elaborate collaboration platform which allows each team to benefit from the ideas and experiences of all teams. Finally, all project teams are given the opportunity to meet the public through this mini-exhibition you are visiting. 

EWB-HK HEC 2013 - Humanitarian Issues of Cities   

HEC 2013 Summary

HEC project - inno for Minority: Object Locator

HEC project - Beyond Shelter: Bacteria Fuel Cell

HEC project: Speaking Assistant App

HEC project - Walking Tool for Elderly 
Current Status : Project completed in 2013