Program Title : Post-disaster Reconstruction Training in ShanXi Province
Date : 2009
Location : China, ShanXi Province NingQiang County
Partner organization : Engineers Without Borders (Hong Kong)
Kadoorie Charitable Foundations
Work Requirement : Through a 3-day lecture plus a 1-day practical training, increase the disaster prevention knowledge and disaster relief management training capability, to the local technical staff and government officials.
Application deadline : -
Brief Information : Albeit the overall damage in the ShanXi province is not as severe as what happened in SiChuan Province, the regions in the vicinity of SiChuan Province, such as NingQiann, lueyang, Nan Township also suffered from severe damage due to earthquake. For instance, one of the poorest counties, NingQiang County, severe life and asset loss were identified. Collapse of residential housings and road infrastructure, damage of farmland and telecommunication network, were caused by the earthquakes. The country asked for support from EWB-HK to provide trainings on disaster prevention, disaster assessment and relief management. The trainee will be ultimately expected to conduct practical training and works in the villages.
Current Status : Project completed in 2009