Program Title : Water Program
Date : 2015
Location : China
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Introduction of Water Program China


Our mission is to help communities gain sustainable access to clean water.  We aim to work to collect, transport, store and purify water for places in need in China.Current Project

Ram Pump System

In 2014, EWB-HK came to know a charitable organization,  Go Beyond, and collaborated with it on installing, trialing and improving a ram pump system made with local materials. 

In a lot of mountainous regions in China, there is a lack of water infrastructure for transporting water.  In some cases, stream water is available but villagers have to walk hours to collect  water, keeping them from school, work and taking care of their families.  A water delivery system would be needed to facilitate transport of water from the stream to the village. 

Unlike conventional electrically-powered pumps, the ram pump is a mechanical device that harvest energy from running water.  It uses the water hammer effect to develop pressure that allows a portion of the input water to be lifted to a higher elevation than where the water is originally stored.  In practice, the ram pump can lift water up to at least three times of the vertical fall (elevation difference between where water is originally stored and the ram pump). 

The most attractive feature is that it does not consume electricity, which makes it a better option in areas with little or no supply of electricity.  In addition, the ram pump has only two movable parts which makes it easy to install and maintain. In dry regions, the ram pump system can collect and store water during wet seasons for use in dry seasons. 

Go Beyond demonstrated the assembly and running of the pump to EWB-HK in December 2014. EWB-HK and Go Beyond then decided to set up the pump in Feb 2015 at a test site owned by Wing Lam Garden  at Hok Tau, Fan Ling, Hong Kong to test its efficiency and effectiveness.  Over the two month testing period, the pump has achieved a lift of water of 3.6m with a vertical fall of 1.1m ( lift to fall ratio  =  3.3 : 1).

To further modify the pump system, EWB-HK set up another testing site in April 2015 at Wing Lung Farm, Sai Kung, Hong Kong. With modification of the mechanical parts, the lift to fall ratio has been increased to 3.7: 1 with a delivery rate of 1640L/day.

Due to site constraints at the previous testing sites, a third testing site is identified at Kadoorie Farm, Tai Po, Hong Kong. This location has larger and steadier inflow of water and a greater fall of slope since it is situated on the Northern slope of Tai Mo Shan which will better facilitate testing and optimization of the pump design.  With the kind permission of Kadoorie Farm & Botanical Garden Corporation, EWB-HK started the trialing of the pump in November 2015. 

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Drive Pipe Pump

Impulse Valve