Program Title : Repairing works in a Remote Rural Primary School in SiChuan province Tibetan area
Date : 16 – 27 July 2010 (12 Days)
Location : China, SiChuan province Tibetan area
Partner organization : Engineers Without Borders (Hong Kong)
Hong Kong Playground Association
Work Requirement : Repairing Works – Repairing of External Wall and Windows, Furniture Production and Repairing, External Bench Production, Retrofit of interior lighting;Basic repairing skill transfer to local residents;Hygiene and Environmental Protection education to local residents;Teaching material delivery;Cultural Exchange;
Application deadline : -
Brief Information :

A joint activity on providing technical support, social and youth services to village school and rural community in SiChuan Province Tibetan area (四川省藏區) is scheduled on the mid of July 2010.  This activity is jointly organized by Engineers Without Borders (Hong Kong), Hong Kong Playground Association and Sichuan & Tibet’s local youth associations. The major activities include refurbishment work of local school and village, as well as recreational activities for the local youth and children during the visit.

The visited area is locating at high attitude area (around 3000 to 4000m above sea level) and remote from urban.  The nearby small city is more than 10km away from the visited village. Some of the children are illiterate and the living standard is relatively primitive. The existing primary school is old and damaged due to lacking of maintenance and aging.  Tap water and refuse treatment facility are also not available in the area.

To improve the learning environment and living standard, whilst to expedite the idea of “Build with Local People” in the remote area, we are now organizing volunteers with technical skill to serve the communities.  The trip will last from 12 days, from 16/7/2010 to 27/7/2010.

Details of work:

School aspect :
1. Improve learning environment (e.g. lighting, furniture, book shelf, dormitory facilities, window, external wall, etc.)
2. Provide teaching tools (e.g. library facilities, learning tools, etc.)
Community and living aspect:
1. Propose / construct a potable water supply facility
2. Propose / construct a refuse treatment facility
3. Educate the local residents about basic skill of school / house maintenance, health and hygiene knowledge.

Program participants include 6 numbers of EWB-HK Volunteers, 4 staff from Hong Kong Playground Association  and 30 numbers of particants (Univiersity students, working persons, high school students).

Details refer to the attached Activity Report.

Current Status : Project completed in 2010

PAN 2010-4 四川甘孜州藏區小學維修項目 (EWB Notice) 中文
四川甘孜州藏區小學維修項目 (EWB Notice) Bilingual

四川甘孜州藏區小學維修項目 維修工作物料單 1 
四川甘孜州藏區小學維修項目 維修工作物料單 2

四川甘孜州藏區小學維修項目 考察活動大綱
四川甘孜州藏區小學維修項目 Report (EWB-HK)

四川甘孜州藏區小學維修項目 Report (義務老師 Tempo)