EWB-HK, as a platform to provide engineering-based supports to the targeted beneficiaries, we continue to recruit more volunteers to take up the project leader and coordinator roles, as well as to provide technical backup, administrative supports and relevant trainings to our volunteers. Many of our volunteers are interested in the frontline service opportunities. We would also promote more members to be voluntarily leaders and pro bono administrative staff to support the operation of our Committees.

EWB-HK is currently managed and operated by volunteers. Funding is one of the challenges we are encountering. The income from membership fee is limited to support staffing, office and venue rental, as well as subsidiary to our projects. Meanwhile, our projects in Hong Kong and overseas are all operated in self-financed basis. 

To breakthrough the bottlenecks in our current operation, we shall will look for possible fund primarily to support the daily operation, administrative work as well as the plans for office, workshop venue and employment of paid staff for EWB-HK, and if possible, also subsidize the projects / activities organized by our Committees.

How to support Us?

Donation to Resources
Expenses for future staff, office and workshop
Expenses for Admin 

More pro bono and competent leaders 
Partners on Projects & Trainings
Partners on Community Network