Join as a Volunteer

Welcome to join us as a Volunteer of Engineers Without Borders (Hong Kong), (“EWB-HK”) 
After registering as a Volunteer, you could join our activities to serve the communities in need. It would be helpful if you could also provide your preference in joining our functional committees so that we can match volunteers with suitable projects.

Target 18 years of age or above, people from all walks of life
Nature Who want to contribute to EWB-HK on a long-term basis / on a temporary basis, 
Fee Nil.

Application details are as follows:

1. By online application:apply online at OR
2. By filing in “EWB-HK” Volunteer Application Form and then email the scanned or electronic copy to

For each application entry, applicant will be notified in due course, normally within two weeks.

EWB-HK Member and Volunteer Handbook

If you are interested in volunteer services, you may wish to read our EWB HK Member and Volunteer Handbook. All volunteer must have read this EWB HK Member and Volunteer Handbook before carrying out volunteer work , to understand the expectation on volunteers. Volunteer work must be carried out according to the guidelines listed in the Handbook, and through mutual help and fellowship, and learning from each others to provide support and care to the beneficiary organizations or individuals and make use of one's professional skill.

Volunteer Award Scheme

In order to encourage volunteer work participation, the organization established a Volunteer Award Scheme based on the hours of volunteer work of the individual. When service hours have been accumulated to a certain level, a Certificate of Appreciation would be issued. The Certification of Appreciation would be presented to the volunteer at the Annual General Meeting. Please complete and submit volunteer service record and send it to prior to end September each year for verification.

Join as a Member

Volunteers who are interested in becoming Committee Head or other office bearing positions in the Committees; or becoming Person in Charge, or Head of Mission of activities, events or overseas expeditions are welcome to apply to the Board of Directors to become an Ordinary Member after being accepted as a volunteer and attended the orientation program. Ordinary Members have to pay an annual membership fee. Membership spans from 1April of each year to 31March of the following year.

For enquiry please e-mail to

Notes to EWB-HK Members and Volunteers

Engineers Without Borders (Hong Kong) is a charitable, non-political, non-religious and non-profit-making organization.  Those who participated in the voluntary services and / or activities organized by EWB-HK are prohibited from using any photo, document, video recording and audio recording taken and / or recorded and/or used during the voluntary services and / or activities for the purpose of direct or indirect promotion that go against the principle of EWB-HK.  If a participant intends to do such a promotion, he / she should seek prior consent from EWB-HK and partner organization(s) concerned.